Spring 2016

We have our fingers crossed  that spring is just about here, it certainly was a lovely sunny day at the front of the hall yesterday but unfortunately the sun didn’t manage into our garden and it was still very cold there ❄️ ☹️

We are outside most sessions at some point and with some new arrivals in the garden (have you seen our new outdoor kitchen and gravel pit?) there are lots of fun and messy things to do outside. We would be very grateful if parents could remember to send appropriate clothing with their children for being outside, we are keen that they don’t associate playing outside with being cold, wet and miserable! We have a supply of waterproof trousers and, with lots more water play going on, will always try and get them on before anyone gets wet however warm jackets and shoes/wellies are also needed. Please remember that even on a bright sunny day like yesterday it is pretty chilly out of the sun and it seems our garden is not getting much of that at the moment.

I’m sure you will also appreciate that, even despite wearing every piece of waterproof clothing under the sun (or rain), children still manage to get wet so, some spare clothes in their bags might also be an idea!

Thank you 💦


About Kippen Playgroup

Kippen Playgroup is a community led group providing early learning and childcare for children aged 2 to 5.

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