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Duty Parents w/b April 17th

We will be back at Playgroup on 18th April. Our duty parents will be Suzanne (Tuesday) and Ellen (Friday)


Duty Parents w/b 27th March 2017

Duty parents this week are Lorraine (Tuesday) and Kirsty (Friday). On Friday we will be visiting Arnprior Lambing. Our plan is to meet at Arnprior Farm at 9:30. The length of the visit will depend a little on the weather and how the children get on but we’re expecting to be at the farm for around an hour and to return to Kippen for snack. If there are enough parents available to stay and the weather is fine we would like to go to Kippen park for an Easter egg hunt, otherwise we will return to the hall and have an egg hunt there. I’ll confirm later in the week.

This will be our last session of this term and we will be away for 2 weeks for the Easter break returning on Tuesday April 18th. Our duty parents that week are Suzanne and Ellen

Duty Parents w/b 20th March 2017

Duty parents this week are Aimee (Tuesday) and Caroline (Friday)

Duty Parents w/b March 6th

On duty this coming week are Lorraine (Tuesday) and Ellen (Friday swapped from March 3rd.

Advance notice too that we have been invited to visit Arnprior Lambing on Friday March 31st. This is the last playgroup session before our Easter break. More details will follow.


Duty parents w/b Feb 20th

Please remember we are off playgroup for half term next week (w/b Feb 13th). We are back the following Tuesday (Feb 21st). Duty parents that week are Lorraine (Tuesday) and Suzanne C (Friday)

Duty Parents w/b Jan 14th 2017

Duty parents next week are Caitlin (Tuesday) and Suzanne M (Friday)


Rota Parents w/b Jan 9th 2017

Rota parents this week are Lorraine (Tues) and Sarah (Friday)

Duty Rota w/b Dec 12th

The hall is being used for the panto this week so we have been temporarily evicted ūüė¶

On Tuesday we will be going for a walk. The forecast at the moment looks favourable, however, if it turns very cold or very wet and we decide to cut our walk short we have a couple of alternative options but we will meet at the hall at 09:30 and be back there for collection at 11:30. We will not need snack (Lorraine down for duty).

On Friday we will be using  the church hall and Ellen is on duty. Please meet at the church hall (just across the road from our usual venue) at 09:30, pick up at 11:30. This is our last Friday before Christmas and we will be doing some special Christmas crafts.

Duty parents w/b Nov 28th

Please remember we are off this Friday (Nov 25th) as it is a school in-service day. Duty parents next week are Lynn (Tuesday) and Kirsty (Friday)

Autumn 2015 Duty Rota