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Week of June 13th 2016

We have been lucky to be able to be outside so much recently and this week was also spent in the garden.

We have made sticky pictures and flown helicopters to see birds. We made shapes with  the playdough and discovered it goes really squidgy when we leave it out in the garden.

We remembered to turn  the tap off on the water butt and we collected lots and lots of water so that we were able to pour it into our pots and pans and watering cans and make lots of special potions, soups and cups of tea.

June 7th 2016

We spent another glorious day in the playgroup garden – we made new play dough – purple like Jane and Pam’s t-shirts. We made shapes with it and pressed it onto the wood and stones to see what patterns it made. We thought it would make good plum juice too!

We have some new diggers in our garden – we used them to dig up the stones and move them around.


There was a spider in one of our cars – it was huge ad very tickly on our hands.



Despite the warm weather we’ve had recently we have been thinking about autumn and the changes it brings to trees, fruits and vegetables. Living in a rural community we can see signs of harvesting in our local fields and the wonderful sunshine emphasises the colours developing in the trees. Today, we were very lucky to be invited to Arnprior Pumpkins to see pumpkins growing in the pumpkin patch. It was wonderful to see the variety of sizes and shapes and to see some still very green while others were starting to turn bright orange.